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Why Prescott?

Ever wonder why Prescott, Arizona, is such an incredible vacation destination, an ideal town to raise a family, plus a picture-perfect place to retire? Undeniably, this quaint mountain town offers a perfect trifecta for all ages. Prescott’s Appeal... Read more

What Should You Remodel To Get The Most For Your Money?

Kitchen? Paint? New Shower? What should be remodeled first to give you the most return on your investment? Below we will analyze where to best spend your valuable remodel dollars, to stretch them further, boost the value of your home, to sell your hom... Read more

Tax Reform Impacting Home Ownership

In early November, the House GOP leaders took their biggest step yet in their attempt to overhaul the U.S. tax code by releasing legislation that proposes sweeping changes to the current system. The proposal unveiled a new top tax rate, new tax brackets,... Read more

Newlywed's Guide To Buying a Home

An exciting step for newlyweds is purchasing their first home as a married couple. Planning a wedding is most often a stressful event in a new couple’s life. Purchasing a home can be stressful as well, but with advanced planning, the stress can be... Read more

Why Everyone LOVES Prescott Arizona

Prescott, Arizona, is proudly known as "Everyone's Hometown." This charming town provides an overwhelming community and family atmosphere to its residents and visitors. Not only does historical Prescott offer downtown activities, but it also... Read more

Owning vs Renting

Thinking about purchasing your first home? Right now is the to buy! The interest rates on home are historically low, which gives you more flexibility with your budget. When interest rates increase, it causes your monthly payments to increase, preventing y... Read more

A 1031 Exchange is a Powerful Tax Strategy

A 1031 Exchange is a powerful tax-deferment strategy used by some of the most financially successful investors to defer taxes when selling investment/commercial property. This effective strategy is also known as a “Starker Exchange”, named fo... Read more

Crowdfunding Your Real Estate Purchase

Real Estate has historically generated 9.6%+ returns with less volatility than the stock market. Unfortunately, since real estate is typically expensive, ordinary investors have been left out of enjoying these profits. Have you ever considered crowdfundi... Read more

Proper Petiquette for Property Peddlers

You want to sell your home? Great! Real estate remains a hot commodity. But if you have pets, especially dogs, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The following list will help you manage your dog&rsq... Read more

Homeowners Associations

Having trouble deciding whether or not to buy a home with an HOA? There are many things to consider when potentially living in a home with an HOA. HOA’s may cost a monthly fee, but they offer many services that neighborhoods without HOA’s don&... Read more

Prescott Arizona Homes For Sale

Are you retiring and thinking of moving to Prescott, Arizona?

Prescott has consistently been ranked as one of the Top 10 cities to retire in year after year.  At a mile high in elevation, It is known as “Everyone’s Home Town.”  Prescott's location is very central -  only about 90 minutes away from Phoenix and Flagstaff making it a great place to live and travel about! 

It was established in 1864 and incorporated in 1881. It's been the Capital of Arizona not just once, but twice!  Prescott is known for its four seasons with cool mountain breezes and temps much lower than Phoenix (usually 20 degrees in the summer).   The people here are friendly and welcome visitors and people to their wonderful state. 

Come and find your new home today! 

You'll be glad you did!

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